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Accidents, mechanical breakdowns – Cars, trucks, 4WDs, Motor Bikes – we’ll tow it or move it -FAST

Call Coober Pedy’s No.1 trusted name in tow trucks: (08) 8672 3000

Tow Truck Service Coober Pedy to the borders

Coober Pedy Towing has tow trucks on call 24 hours for Coober Pedy, Coober Pedy West, Iron Knob, Pimba, Woomera, Quorn, Wilmington, Pt Pirie and out to the NT, WA and NSW borders.

Skilled towing by expert tilt tray and tow truck drivers will tow or transport your car, luxury vehicle, van, 4WD, ute, truck or motorbike.

We’ll be there fast and get your car towed to your destination or Coober Pedy Towing safely 24/7. Competitive prices and fantastic customer service, our fast tow truck service will have your car towed home or repaired safely, quickly.

Towing all Vehicles, Trucks and Machinery

Our tow truck service will tow and transport

Cars | Commercial vehicles | 4 WDs and Utes and Vans | Motorcycles | Luxury vehicles | Machinery and Heavy Machinery | Earth Movers | Boats | Caravans | Earth Movers.

To book a tow and get a tow truck or tilt tray to you quickly – call (08) 8672 3000. Our emergency tow truck service is ready for your after hours call – call (08) 8672 3000.

ALL-TOWING Coober Pedy Towing has a unique 24 hour roadside assistance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Flat battery, need emergency petrol, quick mechanical help, fix your breakdown. We will help. If our expert mechanic can’t fix your car on the spot, we’ll have a tow truck there quickly.



24/7 Roadside Assistance and mobile mechanic

To get roadside assistance, call (08) 8672 3000.

All Mechanical Repairs & Servicing

Coober Pedy Towing service & repair all makes and models. Fully qualified Mechanics with years of experience ensure the best in reliability and performance of your car or 4wd. Complete the email form below or call now on (08) 8672 3000.

    Coober Pedy Caravan Crash Towing Services

    Towing a caravan can be a very dangerous situation particularly on roads that are new to drivers, couple this with driver experience and often driver tiredness and Caravan accidents are common.

    The roads in the outback and surrounding Coober Pedy are often difficult due to weather conditions and caravan crashes that do occur need prompt attention. Our specialist Coober Pedy Towing team can deal with all aspect of a caravan road accident.

    In Caravan crashes there is often debris that must be attended to and Coober Pedy towing know exactly what the responsibilities are for drivers involved in Caravan crashes.

    Similarly towing a damaged caravan needs specialist knowledge and if the towing vehicle has been damaged there is often the towing vehicle and the caravan be towed . Does the damage to the caravan allow the caravan to be towed or does the caravan need to be loaded onto a tilt truck.

    Most tow truck companies do not have the range of vehicles to be able to cater for all caravan towing situations.

    Coober Pedy Towing has either the right sized towing truck or tilt truck to take your Caravan to the caravan repairer of your choice.

    If you do not have a caravan crash repair company Coober Pedy towing has a specialist caravan crash repair team available to undertake caravan repairs large or small.

    Call Coober Pedy Towing and Coober Pedy Caravan Crash Repair on (08) 8672 3000

    Fast, reliable towing service – Coober Pedy Towing (08) 8672 3000

    Efficient full mechanical services and workshop – Coober Pedy Auto Centre (08) 8672 3000

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