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Your best choice for car servicing and repairs in Coober Pedy

Car Servicing, All Auto Servicing, 4WD Servicing

Our car mechanics will service your car, truck, ute, motorbike, tractor.

Fixed Price Car Service, car servicing and auto servicing and motor repairs to any make and model of vehicle by our auto mechanics, all at reasonable prices.

We will look after all makes and models of cars and commercial vehicles .

Local car mechanics ready to service your vehicle

Fixed price servicing

We provide fixed price car servicing.

We try to make our prices the best in Coober Pedy and the surrounding areas.

We have invested heavily in the latest diagnostic tools so that our servicing is the best in Coober Pedy.

Our local mechanics with their local knowledge of conditions means we can identify and prevent mechanical problems early, regular car servicing is the key.

Fixed price car servicing ensures you know exactly the cost of each your car service before we start.


Book your car in for a service.

Call (08) 8672 3000 or Visit the workshop at 1946 Flat Hill Rd Coober Pedy South Australia 5723 Use the FORM

The Crash Repair Process

  • Log book servicing We will maintain your Log Book with details of car servicing and any repairs undertaken. This will maintain and even improve the re-sale value of your car, 4WD or Ute.

  • A regularly tuned and serviced engine runs more efficiently and uses less fuel,

  • The oil in any engine needs to be replaced regularly to maintain its efficiency, save on fuel costs and extend engine life.

  • Checking your brakes is a must. Your safety and your families safety is dependent on your brakes being in premium condition, especially on rough roads. Brakes that are worn or nor properly adjusted put lives at risk and may mean you car is unroadworthy and unsafe.

  • Fan belts and fan belt tension must be maintained preventing overheating, engine damage or even engine failure.

  • Headlights and brake lights need regularly checking and should be replaced if necessary for legal and safe operation.

  • Tyres (including the spare tyre) should be checked and inflated to correct pressure. Properly inflated tyres improve car handling and vehicle running efficiency and as a result last longer and save you money on tyre replacements and petrol or gas.

  • Steering and suspension assembly and components need regular maintenance.

  • Moving engine parts are susceptible to wear and tear and need regular lubrication.

  • Oil, transmission fluids, brake fluids need to be topped up regularly and any leaks can result in costly breakdowns.
  • Spare Parts

    As a part of Active Auto Centre Pty Ltd, we haves a huge range of spare parts including

    • engines,
    • differentials,
    • gearboxes,
    • radiators.

    Active Auto Centre is one of the largest stockists of spare parts in South Australia – we will have the spare parts you need, when you need them.

    To find out if we have the parts you need right now call (08) 8672 3000.

    If the part is not in stock in Coober Pedy we WILL have it here quick smart.   24/7 Roadside Assistance and mobile mechanic

    All Mechanical Repairs & Servicing

    Coober Pedy Towing service & repair all makes and models. Fully qualified Mechanics with years of experience ensure the best in reliability and performance of your car or 4wd. Complete the following or
    call us now on (08) 8672 3000.

      For fast, reliable mechanical services & all of your towing needs
      call Coober Pedy Towing now on (08) 8672 3000

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