24 Hour Roadside Assistance – Mobile Mechanic Service

Car Repairs, Emergency Car Service Coober Pedy Area 8672 3000

24/7 Roadside Assistance and mobile mechanic

24 hour Roadside Assistance in and around Coober Pedy

call (08) 8672 3000

We will help you get back on the road again quickly 24 hours a day in and around Coober Pedy or provide a tow for your car or a tilt tray (depending on what is required.

Road side assistance - flat battery - we can jump-start with a car with a booster cable


Whilst we won’t undertake a full overhaul on the roadside we will get you going again:

  • Flat battery: jumper start or battery replacement,
  • Car Overheating: assistance, radiator investigation, assess engine block condition
  • Flat Tyre, Tyre Punctures: replace the tyre, tyre changing, new tyre (if available),
  • Lost Key: gain access to your car, and get your car started, full repair and lock replacement available at Coober Pedy Towing work shop
  • Electrical Fault: investigation and repair where possible – tow arranged if required,
  • Out of Petrol: Petrol top up
  • Other mechanical repairs or tow to Coober Pedy Towing or your mechanic of choice

We will look after all makes and models of cars and commercial vehicles .

Call Us 24/7 and Tell us the problem: call (08) 8672 3000

The more detail the better.

Book your car in for a service.

Call (08) 8672 3000 or

Visit the workshop at 1946 Flat Hill Rd Coober Pedy South Australia 5723

Use the FORM

Spare Parts

As a part of Active Auto Centre Pty Ltd, we haves a huge range of spare parts including

  • engines,
  • differentials,
  • gearboxes,
  • radiators.

Active Auto Centre is one of the largest stockists of spare parts in South Australia – we will have the spare parts you need, when you need them.

To find out if we have the parts you need right now call (08) 8672 3000.

If the part is not in stock in Coober Pedy we WILL have it here quick smart.

Best range of car parts in Coober Pedy


All Mechanical Repairs & Servicing

Coober Pedy Towing service & repair all makes and models. Fully qualified Mechanics with years of experience ensure the best in reliability and performance of your car or 4wd. Complete the following or
call us now on (08) 8672 3000.

    For fast, reliable mechanical services & all of your towing needs
    call Coober Pedy Towing now on (08) 8672 3000
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