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Your best choice for Coober Pedy based car mechanics, car servicing and car, 4WD, Truck and Ute repairs

Great local Car Mechanics for Coober Pedy

Our mechanics will service your 4WD, truck, ute, car or motorbike. We know Coober Pedy conditions.
Fixed price service and book service provided.

Excellent range of most needed spare parts in stock right now, we have our dedicated spare parts company who will get needed parts to us – quick smart.

We are tooled to repair transmissions, brakes, front ends, radiators, engines, airconditioners, differentials, clutches, body dents and damage and smashes.

We look after all local of cars, 4WDs, utes and commercial vehicles and trucks.

Local Car Mechanics for quick quality service and repairs of your Vehicle

Vehicle service, motor repairs and body repairs to all makes and models 4WD, Utes, Sedans etc.  by our auto mechanics at best prices.

Car mechanics services:

  • Log book servicing
  • Servicing most make, cars, sedans, 4WDs, vans, utes, trucks
  • Diff repairs, differential repairs,
  • New tyres supplied, flat tyres and puctures fixed, wheel balancing
  • Steering and suspension repairs
  • Gearbox repairs, transmission repairs,
  • Full service on brake repairs: drum machining and drum repairs, brake pedal problems, power brakes service and repairs, brake pad replacement, ABS warning light, disk repairs
  • Flat battery, charging, replacement batteries, (best battery prices!)
  • Vehicle overheating? We will fix with radiator repair, radiator flush, new radiators available, (great replacement radiator prices)
  • Electrical mechanics and electrical fault repairs
  • repair and replace alternators and starter motors
  • steering repairs,
  • replace keys and locks, other security services
  • Oxygen Sensor and catalytic convertor repairs
  • spark plugs and wiring replacement
  • fix air flow sensor,
  • ignition coil repairs,
  • vacuum hose repair and replace
  • exhaust recirculation valve


Book for a service.

Call (08) 8672 3000 or

Visit the workshop at 1946 Flat Hill Rd Coober Pedy South Australia 5723

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Crash Repairs and Paint Shop

Full range of crash and collision repair services.

Car Parts, 4WD Parts, Truck Parts IN STOCK

As a part of Active Auto Centre Pty Ltd, we have the best range of spare parts in the North including

  • engines,
  • tyres,
  • batteries,
  • differentials,
  • gearboxes,
  • radiators.

Active Auto Centre is one of the largest stockists of spare parts in South Australia – we have your spare parts on hand or we will get them – QUICK.

Find out if we have the parts you need right now call (08) 8672 3000 – we will order immediately if we are out of stock. Quick turnaround.

If the part is not in stock in Coober Pedy we WILL have it here quick smart.




Best Mechanics for Repairs & Car Servicing

Coober Pedy Auto Centre service & repair nearly all models and makes of 4WDs, utes, sedans, trucks , caravans, etc.

Qualified Mechanics hand picked to provide quality repairs, problem solving and diagnosis to get you back on the road.

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call us: (08) 8672 3000.

We Do Crash Repairs, Paint Jobs

    Overheating engines, radiators - we will fix your radiator fanbelt, fan, water pipes or cracked head
    Fix engines, diffs, brakes, starter motors ...
    We use experienced, reliable car mechanics to give you the best local motor mechanical services, crash repairs & towing as well.
    Coober Pedy Auto Centre – Towing now on (08) 8672 3000

    Funny, overheating engines for our car mechanics to have a laugh.

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